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Noor and Hayat

Concept of "edutainment."

Noor and Hayat Adventures

Know more about “Noor & Hayat” and their friends. Who are always looking to protect the environment and conserve energy resources. They work together to spread awareness about the importance of conserving electricity and water.

Noor & Hayat

Noor and Hayat, DEWA's two characters live in Dubai, the City of Happiness. Their mission is to educate children on how to conserve electricity & water, and preserve the environment.

Arabic names that embody our national identity

Noor and Hayat are well known by their wonderful Arabic names that embody their national identity. “Noor” which symbolises electricity and “Hayat” which symbolises water, two of the most important sources of life.

Conservation heroes, with superpowers

Our heroes possess superpowers, which they use to fight villains who seek to waste our natural resources and disturb the City of Happiness.

Follow their exciting adventures through the animated series "The Adventures of Noor and Hayat", and the magazines, that feature their friends, the champions of conservation.

You too can be champions of conservation

Remember. Noor and Hayat need your help in conserving electricity and water. Yes, you and all your friends.