Shaping a Green Future

Shaping a Green Future

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park

The largest single-site solar park in the world using the Independent Power Producer (IPP) model with a planned capacity of 5,000 MW by 2030 and investments up to AED 50 billion. Upon completion, the solar park will reduce more than 6.5 million tonnes of carbon emissions annually.

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Innovation Centre

The Innovation Centre at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park is a pioneering global hub for renewable and clean energy innovation.

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Research and Development (R&D) Centre

The Research & Development (R&D) Centre at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park focuses on four research areas, these include producing electricity from solar power and other clean energy technologies; the integration of smart grids; energy efficiency, and water.

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Hydroelectric Power Plant in Hatta

The hydroelectric power station in Hatta is the first of its kind in the GCC region. The 250MW station will generate electricity by making use of the water stored in Hatta Dam. It will have a storage capacity of 1,500 MWh and a life span of 80 years.

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Dubai Mountain Summit & Hatta Sustainable Waterfalls

DEWA is implementing two projects in Hatta; 'Dubai Mountain Peak' and 'Hatta Sustainable Waterfalls.' The 'Dubai Mountain Peak’ project includes the construction of a 5.4 kilometre cable car to transport tourists to the summit of Um Al-Nesoor. At 1,300 metres above sea level, it is the highest natural summit in Dubai.

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Green Hydrogen project

The Green Hydrogen project is the first of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa to produce hydrogen using solar power. It was implemented in collaboration between DEWA, Expo 2020 Dubai, and Siemens Energy at the outdoor testing facilities of the R&D Centre at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park.

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DEWA’s Space Programme “Space-D”

DEWA’s space programme (Space-D) aims to improve the operations, maintenance and planning of its networks with the support of nanosatellite technology, Internet of Things (IoT), and remote sensing technologies.

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EV Green Charger

The EV Green Charger initiative, launched by DEWA, provides a network of electric vehicle chargers across Dubai. This initiative supports Dubai efforts to provide innovative and sustainable transport solutions as part of the Dubai Green Mobility Strategy 2030.

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Shams Dubai

Shams Dubai initiative allows building owners to install solar photovoltaic panels at their premises to generate electricity from solar power. DEWA connects the system to its grid. Any excess is exported to the power grid, offsetting against the customer’s consumption.

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Al Sheraa Building

DEWA’s new headquarters, called Al-Shera’a (Arabic for sail), will be the tallest, largest, and smartest government Zero Energy building in the world. Total energy used in the building during a year will be equal to or less than the energy produced on-site during that year. The building is designed to receive a platinum rating by LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

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