Emiratisation at DEWA

Emiratisation at DEWA

“Supporting Emiratisation is a top priority of the government...we will continue to provide all sources and enablers to support our citizens in different sectors. We are keen to follow and employ any source to qualify elite national professionals, who will drive the progress of the nation.”

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai


  • • This policy defines DEWA’s Emiratisation approach and commitment to providing national employees with a positive work environment including exceptional opportunities for learning and growth.

    • National employees who demonstrate excellent work performance and commitment to stay with DEWA for a long time will have unique career development opportunities to assume critical operational positions.

    • In accordance with the Human Capital Policy, DEWA adopts the following policies towards the national employees:

1. Attract and Hire

DEWA carefully designs the required talents and identifies the different talent segments at the local market and their preferred employment value proposition. DEWA also selects the best candidates through assessment centres by assessing their current and potential skills, aspiration, and commitment to stay in DEWA.

2. Onboard and Engage

DEWA welcomes new employees and provide them with essential information and knowledge to reach their highest levels of performance standards as soon as possible. DEWA also positively connects new employees with their colleagues and managers to contribute to DEWA’s strategic objectives.

3. Support and Sustain

DEWA supports employees to participate in professional development programmes that help them excel in their current and future jobs. DEWA also embeds developmental assignments and special projects in their day-to-day work to instil habits of excellence in their performance.

4. Provide and Seek Feedback

DEWA provides all employees with proper channels to give and receive fair, regular, and constructive appraisal and feedback to foster their engagement. DEWA also develops the employees’ direct managers on the skills of giving and requesting feedback.

5. Recognize and Reward

DEWA appreciates and values the contributions of employees whose performance is beyond the call of duty. DEWA also provides the direct managers of the employees with different and several tools/methods for recognising the behaviour and accomplishments of their employees.

6. Invest and Accelerate

DEWA selects only the employees who are classified as High Potential as per the international standards of talent management for developing them to become ready for taking over higher/different positions when they become vacant. DEWA also designs fast-track development plans for unique employees to accelerate their growth both vertically and horizontally.

7. Mobilize and Retain

DEWA gives employees opportunities for exploring their career interests through career mobility systems such as cross-functional projects, job rotation, empowerment, and any other methods of increasing their professional exposure. DEWA provides the most successful employees with financial and non-financial rewards as part of the talent retention strategy.