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Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

The entity’s ability to develop effective services and policies based on facts and data using the latest artificial intelligence technologies to achieve greater efficiency, effectiveness and added value to government services and institutional performance in general.

Empowered by Rammas

Cyber Defense Centre

DEWA Cyber Defense Centre harnesses the power of Watson Advisor, while investigating incidents, thus reducing the time to respond to incidents. Its Cognitive AI engine provides the analysts with actionable intelligence information that can be used to mitigate and uncover potential threats.

The system is characterised by real-time learning capabilities that can automatically investigate and qualify security incidents and advise analysts on the nature and extent of an incident.

Substation Robotics 

Autonomous robots that are capable of monitoring, controlling, and operating electrical equipment.

Employing AI in Network Design & Area Planning 

Empowering “Network Design and Area Planning & Growth Forecast” with AI capability in order to accomplish business and technical requirements such as:

  • Build a recommender system to support the engineers in creating the design options as part of Network Design Process.

Generate area report including forecasting of the load demand including major projects using appropriate AI-models.


These are smart helmets and smart glasses, which uses virtual reality to help engineers working in power stations.


Microsoft HoloLens creates a unique end-to-end solution for DEWA energy plants with 3D representation of real data. HoloLens technology can also be used in confined spaces such as the combustion chambers, with continuous direct communication with the entire team. Documents can be attached and voice annotations added to make technical decisions quickly. The team can confirm that all the upgrades and service work has been successfully completed

Virtual Reality (VR) platform for Trainings

(In Execution phase)

This is an interactive and immersive VR learning space for DEWA employees that is used for the following trainings:

  • First aid and fire safety
  • Onboarding sessions for new employees
  • Switchgear Operations including RMU, Transformer and HV panel operating scenarios

LV Design Approval

Infrastructure NOC Verification

(The project is in Tendering phase)

These initiatives will empower the approval process of LV design approval and NOC verification with the AI capability to seamlessly recognise complex engineering drawings, and provide recommendations, which will significantly decrease the time needed to review and approve.

My Sustainable Living Programme (MSLP):

The programme, targets around 480,000 residential customers in Dubai, and includes four main features. These include a comparison dashboard of similar homes in the region, and other efficient similar homes, a graph of estimated consumption trends, a monthly consumption report, and conservation tips to help customers use electricity and water responsibly. DEWA interacts with the users through its website, smart app, e-mail, and text messages.

Rammas @ Work


Rammas is DEWA’s virtual employee that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist customers and answers their enquiries in both Arabic and English. Rammas answers customers instantly on 7 channels, including:

  • DEWA’s smart app on iOS and Android
  • DEWA’s website
  • Facebook page
  • Amazon’s Alexa
  • Google Home
  • Robots
  • WhatsApp

Future Customer Happiness Centres

These integrated self-service smart Customer Happiness Centres in Dubai, depend on advanced technologies such as AI and Robotics, and provide a world-class customer experience & smart services for all customers.

The Centres use the latest technologies to achieve customer happiness and exceed their expectations, which comprise smart self-service booths to help customers make paperless transactions, in addition to “Rammas”, the virtual employee that uses AI to answer queries. The Centres also includes the “Tayseer” smart bill payment platform, and live chat through telepresence solutions.

Smart Response

The Smart Response Service includes several features that empowers customers, such as early self-diagnosis of technical interruptions within homes, reducing the necessary steps to deal with complaints and follow-ups, while resolving issues through DEWA’s smart app and website; thereby contributing to enhancing customer experience and efficiency of services

Digital DEWA

The world’s first digital utility utilising autonomous systems for renewable-energy, storage, expansion in AI adoption, and providing digital services.

Wisdom (DEWA Enterprise Chatbot)

This executive virtual personal assistant is intended to serve DEWA’s management with answers to the daily business questions, assist in decision making, and perform daily tasks easily by using a wide range of datasets and a variety of enterprise systems.

Facial recognition & motion intelligence using AI for Customer Happiness

This technology enables DEWA to use AI Visual Intelligence to measure and improve happiness through the following:

  • Real time assessment of customers’ happiness index on individual as well as centre level
  • Recommend best approaches for Happiness Ambassadors / self-service kiosks
  •  Generate Interactive Report for DEWA management