Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa

In line with its efforts to improve its digital experience, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority is the first government utility in the world to provide its smart services on Amazon’s Alexa in Arabic. DEWA was the first government entity in the UAE to add Rammas in English to Amazon’s Alexa in 2017.

Amazon Alexa

Why is DEWA Skill available on Amazon Alexa?

DEWA has announced the launch of the Rammas AI service on Amazon’s Alexa smart voice system. DEWA has become the first government entity to add its virtual employee to this innovative technology, in adherence with the directives of the wise leadership to reduce the number of visitors to government establishments by 80% and encourage the public to use smart services. This supports the Smart Dubai initiative, which aims to transform Dubai into the smartest and happiest city in the world.

Rammas acts as a virtual employee, making use of artificial intelligence technology to answer customer enquiries. Rammas is characterised by its ability to learn and understand the needs of customers, according to their enquiries. Rammas analyses these based on available data and information and takes action to accurately answer all queries.

How can I download DEWA Skill on Amazon Alexa?

Download Alexa Application on your mobile and search for DEWA Skill in “Skills & Games” option.

How can I open DEWA Skill in Alexa?

After enabling DEWA Skill, you can invoke DEWA Skill by saying: Alexa, open DEWA

Are all services that are available on the mobile application also available on Amazon Alexa?

No, you can ask about consumption details, bill balance and general FAQs related to DEWA services

How can I change the language of DEWA skill on Amazon Alexa?

You can follow the steps from Amazon website.

Note: Skill language will change based on the device language

What are the languages supported on DEWA Skill on Amazon Alexa?

Arabic and English

What are the services available in DEWA Skill on Amazon Alexa?

You can ask about consumption details, bill balance and general FAQs related to DEWA services

How can I link my DEWA account with Amazon Alexa?

  1. Open your Amazon Alexa app or website.
  2. Open your DEWA Skill
  3. Open Skill settings
  4. Choose account linking
  5. Enter your credentials and login in DEWA website
  6. Your account is now linked