My Sustainable Living Programme

My Sustainable Living Programme

“My Sustainable Living” programme for residential customers in Dubai, aims to enhance the efficiency of their electricity and water consumption and adopt a sustainable lifestyle. My Sustainable Living programme is the first programme of its kind in the Middle East. It aligns with the Demand Side Management Strategy 2030 and the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050, which aims to make Dubai a global hub for clean energy and green economy.

“My Sustainable Living” programme lets you regularly check, compare and monitor your electricity and water consumption in comparison with efficient similar homes in your area.

The programme has unique features that help you conserve your electricity and water consumption, These include:

A dashboard through which you can compare your consumption with efficient similar homes in your area
A consumption profile that allow you to update your details for more accurate comparison
A monthly report on your electricity and water consumption
Tips to help you take positive steps towards conservation
Log in to your DEWA account and view your consumption comparison dashboard, customised electricity and water tips and plan to increase consumption efficiency.

View the tutorial video of “My Sustainable Living” programme now, and start your sustainable living journey: